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18 February 2009 @ 06:11 pm
What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?

A rat. Loved or reviled, they are survivors.
29 May 2007 @ 10:51 pm
To blogger. Read my new blog here: http://tftrn.blogspot.com/
14 June 2006 @ 10:50 pm
Sunburst Awards Announced

Finalists have been named for the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, presented annually and recognizing excellence of writing. The award, named for the debut novel by Canadian SF author Phyllis Gotlieb, consists of a $1,000 cash prize and a medallion with the Sunburst logo, designed by Marcel Gagné. The winner will be announced in the fall. A full list of finalists follows.

Sunburst Awards:
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow
Gravity Wells: Speculative Fiction Stories by James Alan Gardner
The Wave Theory of Angels by Alison MacLeod
In the Palace of Repose by Holly Phillips
Spin by Robert Charles Wilson.

Sidewise Nominees Announced

Organizers announced this year's nominees for the Sidewise Award, recognizing excellence in alternate-history fiction. Two awards are given annually: one for long-form works and one for short-form works. The winners will be announced at L.A.Con IV, the 2006 WorldCon, held in Anaheim, Calif., Aug. 23-27. A list of nominees follows.

Best Long-Form Alternate History:
The Summer Isles by Ian R. MacLeod
Romanitas by Sophia McDougall
A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park

Best Short-Form Alternate History:
"Harvest Moon" by William Barton
"The Illuminated Heretic" by A.M. Dellamonica
"The 2005 Hugo Award Ceremony Script" by Kim Newman and Paul McAuley
"Panacea" by Jason Stoddard
"Pericles the Tyrant" by Lois Tilton

Mythopoeic Finalists Named

The Mythopoeic Society—a nonprofit international literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantastic and mythic literature—announced the finalists for its various awards. The winners of this year's awards will be announced during Mythcon XXXVII, to be held Aug. 4-7 in Norman, Okla. A list of the finalists follows.

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature:
The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood
The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
Metallic Love by Tanith Lee
The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl by Tim Pratt

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature:
Valiant by Holly Black
Wizards at War by Diane Duane
By These Ten Bones by Clare B. Dunkle
The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies:
Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien's Middle-earth by Marjorie Burns
Interrupted Music: The Making of Tolkien's Mythology by Verlyn Flieger
Smith of Wootton Major: Expanded Edition by J.R.R. Tolkien, Verlyn Flieger, ed.
The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion by Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull
The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies:
"The Meanings of "Beauty and the Beast"" by Jerry Griswold
"Readers in Wonderland: The Liberating Worlds of Fantasy Fiction from Dorothy to Harry Potter" by Deborah O'Keefe
"The Dharma of Dragons and Daemons: Buddhist Themes in Modern Fantasy" by David R. Loy and Linda Goodhew
"National Dreams: The Remaking of Fairy Tales in Nineteenth-Century England" by Jennifer Schacker

Verms' Note: I've only read Anansi Boys by Gaiman, but I've wanted to read Rangergirl (Western SF, yehaw!) and The Narnian (since I love C.S. Lewis).
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08 January 2005 @ 07:56 pm
So I finished Painkiller on the PC today. I'll be playing it through again in an attempt to garner a few more of the Tarot cards, since I only managed to get 3 of 24 the first time through. You get them by meeting certain conditions each level. Some of the conditions are impossible to meet first time through. Normally I never play games twice, but since this is a shooter and actually pretty good I think I can play it twice, more if I can find some levels to download. I give Painkiller a 7 out of ten on the vermscale. I've also gotten to about stage 17 in Front mission 4, a very good game and fair story so far.

I watched The Returner this week, a Hong Kong film that was very good with sfx to match anything hollywood would have done. It concerns a girl ( a very cute japanese girl ) sent back in time 80 years to stop an alien invasion. The flash forwards during the movie give you a glimpse of the future, with mankinds last stand in a tibetan monastery. The aliens are typical Litte Greys but in battle armor ( much better battle armor than in ID4 ) with force shields. The also use craft that morph to look just like earth planes, hey its japanese what do you expect? But very well done. The main character ends up teaming with an assasin who was in the process of killing his nemisis ( who gets away and causes all manner of trouble later )another assasin. The gun play and the little martial arts are good and the sfx are very well done. All in all I give it an 8 out of 10 rating on the Vermscale.

I also watched So Close, another hong kong film, this time a guns and martial arts fest with 3 very hot asian women, two sister assasins, one a police detective. The fight seens were very stylish and sexy and well done, both gunplay and martial arts. The sisters are in possesion of a computer program that lets them hac into any surveillance system on earth through a satellite they own. One sister falls in love and wants to quit but the other wants to keep going and drags her back in when she botches a hit. I can't really say any more after that point without ruining the plot. Sorry such a bad review but I'm being lazy tonight. I give So Close a 7 out of 10 on the Vermscale.

I'll be watching the 3rd harry potter movie, an anime movie called Sabre Marrionette R which is like the 3rd movie after the series and another hong kong movie, this time a demon possession/cop flick with an american star in it, David Morse, a much under rated actor I like a lot. I'll let you know how they are.

I just finished the 11th (?) Discworld novel, Moving Pictures. It was very good, as usual, but a tad long. I'll give it an 8 out of 10 on the Vermscale. Now I'm reading a novel set in the Warcraft universe. The Well of Eternity, first in the War of the Ancients trilogy. It's okay so far but it doesn't flow as well as it should. It's written by Richard Knaak, supposedly a NYT best seller. His style tries to be descriptive but seems forced to me. Hopefully the plot will carry the book if the prose doesn't. I'll let you know.

Anyway, I think I'll go watch a movie now, later friends.
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I know it must be de rigueur to post a January 1st wish for the new year type of bloggy thing, but I'm lazy so you get a Jan. 4th one instead.

The new year came like any other day, nothing to mark it except yesterday we got our escrow refund check for the year. We only bought the house in august and all but $583 of the closing cost was covered by the builder and 500 of that was our earnest money. Gotta love VA loans. Anyway, yesterday we received a $580 check for over-payment of our escrow account which means basically we even got the closing costs back. Which is good seeing as how I had to take a week off without pay over the holidays since works so slow at the plant right now. The part-time job at EB covered that but it was supposed to be extra holiday money. So now we should be back on track :)

So I was wondering, does your family do any new year rituals to ensure luck or money for the new year? My family always did the sauerkraut and pork on New Years eve to ensure good luck, the wifes family did that plus they leave their change on the back porch to ensure that "cold cash" will come their way in the new year. Both our families are from Ohio. I've been down here in the south for almost 22 years now and the practice here is to eat greens (I prefer turnip) for money and black-eyed peas or hoppin' john (black-eyed peas and rice) for luck. So this year I covered all the bases and had country ribs and sauerkraut in the crockpot and turnip greens and black-eyed peas on the side. Oh, and mashed potatoes of course. I had to eat the greens and BEPs myself since the missus doesn't do anything green or any kind of beans at all. More for me :p.

Anyway, happy new year and good eating everyone.
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28 December 2004 @ 11:24 am
I've been working at the EBGames, which is just down the road from our new house, over the holidays. It's not good pay by any means but I do get a discount and I need something to make up for the pay I'm not getting at the plant during this extended holiday shutdown. I worked there last year over the holidays because a friend was the manager then. They called me back this year, I needed the money so I'm doing it again. This week I picked up a few new games on the cheap ( for me anyway ) to play while I'm "off".

Front Mission 4 for the PS2, Painkiller for the PC and FF Origins for the PS. Let me tell you, the first two Final Fantasy games are way over rated; ridiculously hard, little to no plot, no direction, endless deaths. Yeah, I know they were the shiznit back in the day, but now they would get a 4 out of 10 on my meter. I thought that maybe it would be cool to go back and play all the old FFs, just to get all the back ground. Too bad there isn't any. Guess I'll just finish Disgea this week then start on Front mission 4 between Painkiller bouts.

I finished watching the first four Red Dwarfs over the holidays as well as Hellboy and the Chronicals of Riddick, I love the Red dwarf stuff and hate that the release schedule is so strung out. Hellboy and Riddick were both good, with the former outshining the latter. I also watched Bubba Ho-tep. You gotta love Bruce Campbell. It was a riot, too bad it didn't do better. I watched the Blue Seed Movie last week. It was awful. Just a few disjointed story segments that had nothing to do with anything, much less each other. The only real plot point was the romance between the geek and the tough redhead ( I'm bad with names ) failing and then reconciling, and that was mostly off camera! Ah well, I still love the series.

More later as I get around to it.
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