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28 December 2004 @ 11:24 am
Games Games and more Games  
I've been working at the EBGames, which is just down the road from our new house, over the holidays. It's not good pay by any means but I do get a discount and I need something to make up for the pay I'm not getting at the plant during this extended holiday shutdown. I worked there last year over the holidays because a friend was the manager then. They called me back this year, I needed the money so I'm doing it again. This week I picked up a few new games on the cheap ( for me anyway ) to play while I'm "off".

Front Mission 4 for the PS2, Painkiller for the PC and FF Origins for the PS. Let me tell you, the first two Final Fantasy games are way over rated; ridiculously hard, little to no plot, no direction, endless deaths. Yeah, I know they were the shiznit back in the day, but now they would get a 4 out of 10 on my meter. I thought that maybe it would be cool to go back and play all the old FFs, just to get all the back ground. Too bad there isn't any. Guess I'll just finish Disgea this week then start on Front mission 4 between Painkiller bouts.

I finished watching the first four Red Dwarfs over the holidays as well as Hellboy and the Chronicals of Riddick, I love the Red dwarf stuff and hate that the release schedule is so strung out. Hellboy and Riddick were both good, with the former outshining the latter. I also watched Bubba Ho-tep. You gotta love Bruce Campbell. It was a riot, too bad it didn't do better. I watched the Blue Seed Movie last week. It was awful. Just a few disjointed story segments that had nothing to do with anything, much less each other. The only real plot point was the romance between the geek and the tough redhead ( I'm bad with names ) failing and then reconciling, and that was mostly off camera! Ah well, I still love the series.

More later as I get around to it.
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